Toxic sprouts?

topic posted Wed, August 8, 2007 - 1:18 AM by  Roy
I read in a Raw food book that some researchers think that sprouts should be avoided at all costs because they are so toxic that even animals won't eat them.
My friend said that chikens will definatly eat sprouts, and i assume so would pigs.
But since i don't look to either of these species for examples of a healthy diet i was wondering if anyone out there knew anything about this bizzare claim of research?
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    Wed, August 8, 2007 - 12:44 PM
    It is not that they are toxic actually. They are really protective. The seed leaves which is the sprout protect the life and survival of the plant by producing anti-nutritional substances so that it won't be eaten right away. This ensures more plants will survive. I know that chipmunk ate my sunflower sprouts so it isn't an exact science(is anything?)The way to rid the sprouts of these anti-nutritional substances is to cook them which is the traditional way to eat them.
    There are other things that prevent me from eating sprouts besides this.
    They are grown in a jar of water, not in the earth so don't capture mineral richness of the soil nutrients.
    When you grow sprouts from seeds you are using thousands of seed for just a little bit of food.
    This seems almost obscene to me.
    If I was to plant the alfalfa seeds that I sprouted I would have a field of alfalfa and yet when I sprout them I have only a meal.
    How sustainable is that?
    Chickens and pigs that eat wild food are quite healthy.
    Eating only raw food will eventually cause many healthy problems.
    Cook food....grow plants to maturity and eat these well cooked or in salad and you will have vibrant health.
    Peace, Julie
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      Wed, August 8, 2007 - 2:53 PM
      yeah but of all the fields of alfalfa in this country alone ....tons and tons of seed produced! you'll never plant it all and if you save it,you've wasted it. i don't think shortage of seeds to sprout is an issue for sustainability in the least. besides you poison your body everyday just by eating and breathing,thats why we don't live forever, my advice,get your sprouts,cook them preferably,and take your antioxidants with a big ol dose of enjoying yourself and the foods, drugs and sex you like ,while your alive. just dont forget to try and ensure the next generation may do the same- plur-jj
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    Sat, August 11, 2007 - 9:34 AM
    Sprouted seeds are highly nutritious when eaten fresh. They deteriorate rather quickly though and mold can develop rapidly. It's best to sprout your own as you never know how long the store sprouts have been sitting on the shelves. The fine fuzzy hairs are tiny rootlets and may be confused with mold.

    Mung bean sprouts are probably best eaten lightly steamed. Alfalfa and Red clover are very easily sprouted and highly nutritious. Allow them to develop first pair of leaves and set it where these can develop chlorophyll (turn green) but don't let them sit in the sun where they will quickly begin to rot.

    According to Traditional Chinese Medicine sprouts are cooling in nature and so they will energize a person with heat signs (robust personality, ruddy complexion and strong radial pulse and voice) but will weaken people with 'low digestive fire': typical 'cold' signs are frailty, loose stools, feel cold often.

    Sprouts are a specific remedy for stagnant liver qi (swellings, lumps, mental depression, frustration, swollen abdomen or chest, purple-tinged tongue...).

    Let me know if you have any questions. I can refer you to some excellent resources.


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